The Commercial Growers Choice

August 10, 2021

Our trademarked Transitional Cycle ShiftTM modes, ‘Grow to Bloom’ and ‘Sun Cycles’, facilitate the natural growing process of plants, rather than forcing or fighting against them.

‘Sun Cycles’ mimics the daily transition from dawn to dusk, when plants’ endogenous biological clocks regulate processes essential to healthy development.

‘Grow to Bloom’ spreads the switch from vegetative growth to flowering over a number of days, allowing plants to properly prepare for the significant hormonal shift that underpins flower and fruit production.

Healthier plants perform better; reintroducing natural light cycles to the indoor environment saves hours of grow time potentially lost every day by plants that otherwise have to compensate for severe, unnatural fluctuations in light.

The DualSpec 960 also only uses as much power as it needs for a given task, meaning power consumption is reduced in the vegetative stage – reducing energy and heat loss, thereby contributing to lower energy costs overall.

Our commitment to the commercial sector extends to our fixture packages, too; the Optex commercial range is provided in non-retail packaging with an adjusted pricing model to suit.

Optex products have been fine-tuned through multiple grow tests to maximise plant growth, terpene production and overall yields.

We constantly review our equipment to ensure we’re always using the highest quality components available to date.