0-10V Adaptor

Third Party Controller Adaptor

The Optex 0/10V adaptor marries our unparalleled technology with exiting third-party controllers, allowing for digital integration into an analogue system and unlocking the true potential of our RS485 technology.

  • Connect Optex Fixtures to third party controllers
  • Suitable for use with all Optex Fixtures
  • Two channel: compatible with DualSpec fixture

Control Optex Fixtures with your Existing Controller

Optex fixtures employ digital onboard drivers to manage their range of custom features. The 0/10V adaptor allows customers to integrate our fixtures with an existing analogue system or controller, by converting the analogue signal from the controller into a digital one that the fixture can better understand.

The standard 0-10V dimming protocol utilises Direct Current voltage (DC) to provide a smooth transition from 100% – 0.1% light intensity.


How it works:

Simply connect the Optex 0-10V adaptor inline, between your existing analogue controller and any Optex light fixture, and the controller’s ‘on/off’ and dimming functions will work with our fixtures.


Integrating the Optex DualSpec 960

The Optex DualSpec 960 produces two unique spectrums, one for growth and one for bloom, each of which requires a control channel in order to integrate with an analogue system or controller.

When connecting your existing controller to the DualSpec 960, first connect two outputs from your controller to the Optex 0/10V Adaptor, before connecting the output from the adaptor to the light fixture.


Connection – All Other Optex Fixtures (with single drivers)

The diagram above displays how to connect all other (single spectrum) fixtures to your existing controller, by using the 0-10V adaptor.

Connection – DualSpec 960

The diagram above displays how to connect the DualSpec fixture to your existing controller, by using the 0-10V adaptor.


Model no.


Size (W x L x D)

17.6cm x 6cm x 3cm


170 grams (6 Oz)

Fixture Capacity

255 Fixtures


Wall Mountable

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Power (Input)

AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.0A

DC Power (Output)

12V 1.0A