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RS-485 Controller

Unlock the true potential of our unparalleled, pioneering technology with the RS-485 controller. Tailor your lighting to the particulars of a growing space, both in the moment and across the course of the grow, with fully programmable regimes. Optex control systems and luminaires operate in synergistic harmony to produce perfect plants.

  • RS485-dualspec
    use with dual spectrum
  • RS485-standard
    use with mixed spectrum
  • Temperature
    Input / °F / °C
  • 7 Day Timer
    with Minute Control
  • Independent Control
    of Dual Drivers
  • Dimming Control
    from 0-100%

Key Specifications

  • Size (W x L x D): 16cm x 11.7cm x 3cm
  • Weight: 218 grams (7.7 Oz)
  • Fixture Capacity: 255 Fixtures

Downloadable Instructions

RS-485 Standard Controller Features

The Optex RS-485 works with all Optex LED fixtures, offering an array of customisable features as standard. A single controller can manage up to 255 fixtures simultaneously in a single bank. The easily adjustable dimming function spans a range of 0 -100% light intensity, and the ‘Auto-dim’ function can make the necessary change automatically, according to room temperature. The seven-day timer function allows you set lights ‘on’ and ‘off’ times across a week, and the 365-day calendar feature facilitates a fully programable grow, from start to finish.



Combine the Optex RS-485 with our flagship DualSpec 960 LED light fixture for true spectrum perfection.


RS485 DualSpec Control Features

The key to combining these two products is the two sets of drivers present in DualSpec LED light fixtures. By harmonising our unique growth and bloom spectrums, the spectral changes of the sun can be mimicked indoors, better facilitating the natural processes of plants, rather than forcing them to compensate for a substandard growing environment. The RS-485 controller unlocks the ability to experiment with and customise these processes, according to an individual plant’s particularities.

Sun Cycles (only with DualSpec Controller & DualSpec 960)

Replicating sunrise and sunset with Transitional Cycle Shift™: Sun Cycles brings the essential spectral shifts of dawn and dusk to the indoor growing environment. The light changes across these periods of time are vital to the endogenous biological clock that regulate plant processes.

At dawn, Sun Cycles incrementally increases the intensity of the DualSpec growth spectrum, before gradually combing it with the fixture’s bloom spectrum. At dusk, the process happens in reverse. This facilitates plants’ ability to properly manage the shift between photosynthesis and respiration. You can read more about this process in our blog, here.

Grow to Bloom (only with DualSpec Controller & DualSpec 960)

Transitional Cycle Shift™: Grow to Bloom mimics the seasonal change in day length, signalling to plants that the time has come to switch from vegetative growth to fruit and flower production. Failing to give plants the proper time to compensate for this significant hormonal shift forces them to draw on essential energy stores, slowing and stunting growth.

Spreading the shift in day length, and the related changes in spectral frequency, over a number days allows for a stable transition. With the RS-485 controller, this period is fully customisable. You can read more about this process in our blog, here.

Connection Diagram


Model no


Size (W x L x D)

16cm x 11.7cm x 3cm


218 grams (7.7 Oz)

Fixture Capacity

255 Fixtures


Wall Mountable

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Power (Input)

AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.0A

DC Power (Output)

12V 1.0A