Dualspec 960W

Our flagship LED brand new for 2021

Our flagship lighting fixture, the Optex Dualspec 960, represents the refinement of our unparalleled, pioneering technology. Featuring a never-before-seen, completely unique light spectrum output; when combined with the Optex Controller, no other light fixture can hope to compete with this – and all for an astonishingly competitive price.

  • Sosen
  • Use with Dualspec
  • Waterproof
    IP65 Rating
  • Large Square
  • Dual Spectrum
    Dual Drivers
  • 2.9

Key Specifications

  • Power Consumption: Veg: 480w, Flowering: 960w
  • Footprint: 1105cm x 150cm
  • Recommended Hanging Height: 30cm – 45cm
  • Product Dimensions: 1100mm x 1100mm x 77mm
  • AC Input: 100-240V AC, 277-480V
  • LED Manufacturer: Seoul SMD2835 + Osram 660nm
  • Driver Manufacturer: Sosen LED Driver



The passive cooling system of the Dualspec 960 utilises physics, rather than fault prone mechanical fans, to reduce heat at the plant canopy.

The DualSpec 960: Spectrum Perfection

Vegetative Spectrum:
480 Watts

Optimal efficiency

Precision, not power, is the key to perfection. Our unique vegetative spectrum with enhanced blues is tailored to balance maximised growth with minimum power usage for true, optimal efficiency.

Flowering Spectrum:
960 watts

Optimal results

Once the Transitional Cycle ShiftTM gently guides plants into the bloom stage, the full capacity of the DualSpec 960 is utilised to produce our custom flowering spectrum, maximising crop production.

Sunrise to Sunset
– imitating the Solar Spectrum

Attributed to the DualSpecs dual drivers, and the bars banked spectrum LEDs is our completely unique Spectrum Shift. Just like in nature, the DualSpec 960 has the ability to alter the light spectrum, accurately imitating the Sun’s sunrise, afternoon, and sunset light spectrum. Through imitating our star’s daily solar cycles, the plant is receiving the light ingredients acquired through evolution, optimising growth and flowering performance.

Dual Drivers

Each of the bars in the DualSpec 960 contain two banks of LEDs. One bank for the vegetative growth period and another bank for the flowering period.

The bars are controlled by two sets of drivers, which allows the controller to control each of the banks independently.

This unique combination allows the DualSpec to provide 480w of spectral light optimised for the growth period, and 960w of spectral light optimised for the flowering period.


At the beginning of each grow, the grower can program the RS485 controller to control the time and light cycles from start to finish.

The vegetative cycle is pre-set to 18 hours, while the flowering cycle is determined at 12 hours. The transition period is three days.

When used in conjunction with the RS485 controller, the DualSpec 960 will gradually and automatically shift the spectrum from Veg to Flower while reducing the time from 18 to 12 hours over three days to best imitate nature, reducing shock to the plant, and increasing plant performance.

Light Coverage:

Hanging Height

Control Diagram


Power Consumption

Veg: 480w, Flowering: 960w

AC Input

100-240V AC, 277-480V

LED Source

Seoul SMD2835 + Osram 660nm

LED Quantity

3904pcs LEDs

LED Spectrum

2 LED Spectrum Separately for Veg Flowering


Sosen LED Driver


External Controller or 0-10V Adapter


Daisy-Chain Control via External Adapter

Housing Material

Full Aluminum

N.W. / G.W.



1100mm x 1100mm x 77mm

Working Temperature

-20~ 40 Degree

IP Rating



5 Years


Indoor Farming

Recommended Hanging Height

30cm - 45cm


105cm x 150cm

PPF Efficiency