Quality, Precision and Dependability

The largest of the VF-6 range with a footprint of 150 x 150cm, this fixture works just as well as a single unit in a domestic setting as it does as one of a series in a commercial environment. The 77cm slimline profile maximises the available growing space for our unique blended spectrum.

  • Sosen
  • Use with Standard
  • Waterproof
    IP65 Rating
  • Large Square
  • Mixed Spectrum
    Single Driver
  • 2.8

Key Specifications

  • Power Consumption Veg: 720w
  • Amperage: 7.2A at 100V, 3.6A at 200V, 2.6A at 277V
  • Footprint: 150cm x 150cm
  • Recommended Hanging Height: 30cm – 60cm

Precision and dependability

Optimising growth in the tight confines of a stacked layer growing space requires expert precision. This starts with maximising useful light whilst minimising excess heat and wasted energy; a combination of Meanwell drivers and high-quality Samsung LEDs, set to our unique blended spectrum, does just that.

The passive cooling system of the VF-6 range utilises physics, rather than fault prone mechanical fans, to reduce heat at the plant canopy. Combined with a spectrum designed for peak performance across both the vegetative and the flowering stages, Optex VF-6 fixtures can be left and trusted to get on with their job, from start to finish.

Light Coverage:

Hanging Height


Power consumption



7.2A at 100V, 3.6A at 200V, 2.6A at 277V


150cm x 150cm

Recommended height

30cm - 60cm

Packaging size

1180mm x 250mm x 240mm